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Stockholm 9 Mai 2008
Dis donc ! Je ne savais rien de ce site super enrichissant Jean.
"Ma maison est partout dans le monde,
et tout homme est mon frère." est notre devise.
Oupédisa !
Maxette Olsson


Like all the above readers, I had no idea that we have an indian diaspora in Guadeloupe!! I am from the Caribbean, now living in Florida, USA. My paternal grandparents were from Trindad and maternal grandparents were from Guyana. Our ancestors received the same treaments but managed to keep our culture alive maybe because they came in larger groups.

The only semblance of the hindustani and Tamil language that I was exposed to as a child,were spoken by my grandparents, both from North and South India. There are some songs today sung in the Bhojpuri-style hindi by famous singers from Suriname, Trinidad and Guyana.

One of the factors that helped kept us so close to our culture is the hindi films and music. We are united by the songs of our Mother land -- Bharat!!

Long live the descendants of India.

Their strength, nature, culture and resilience is an example to all. Jai Hind! and our prayers for peace for the souls of ancestors who suffered but were victorious because of their perservance.

Good luck in all future celebration.


Glad to see your website with photos.One day I will visit Guadeloupe and martinique. Currently I live in Toronto/Canada. Are there anyway I can see the stories in English.

Thank you for the very informative news. All of us from South Asia (India) must help our brothers and sisters in far away lands to enable them to acquire all the knowledge and feel the pride of being a Hindu. I am moved to see all the efforts made to keep the heritage alive.
Om Shivaya

Aum Saravanabhava!
Another great acheivement for the Persons of Indian Origin!... My thought and prayers are with the thousands who perished as a result of ill treatment at the hands of the colonial masters and the thousands who did not see a future in the French West Indies, as a result of their ill treatment and went back to India. Those who are left behind in the French West Indies have every justifiable reason to be proud of their history, their culture, their resilience, achievements and now their monument. I hope I can make contact with at least one of them to express my sentiments of joy on this important occasion.
Fraternal Greetings
Narayana Menon

Hari Om,

It was only a few years ago that I read about Indians being in Guadeloupe. But there wasn't much records on it. Now I feel proud to see the Indian contrbution being recognized in Guadeloupe. I do have plans one day to visit all the places inhabited by the Indian Diaspora. I will certainly visit Guadelus then.

Best wishes

This is the first time ever I learned that Indians were in Guadeloupe. The plaque, the pictures, and the obvious happy look of the members in the pictures, made me quite proud of my Hindu Heritage. This is the greatness of Hinduism, peace, Daiva Bhakti, and papabheeti, and the non-violent nature of the core of the Hindu/Indian pulse. Bravo! Godd Bless You all!
The Lord Sri Mahavishnu/Maheswara/ and Brahma Deva-the Trimurthyathmika Almighty may bless you all.
I hope someday I may visit with you all, and be part of the oneness of our Greatest, ancient, and strong - from the roots Hindu culture.
I live in US.

Great, I am always happy to see that Indian wisdom is aknowledged.
Whoever initiated this celebration are beautiful human beings !

And although I have lived mostly in India, I am French!

Namashkar and Congratulations.

Good to learn of the French Guadeloupe Indians learning of their roots. It is important to keep up our links and not forget the ancient culture that unites us wherever we reside today. I am born and reside in the UK.

G. Shiyani
Sanatan Dharma School

I was thrilled to read about the unveiling of the plaque to comemerate the 150th arrival of the Indians to Guadeloupe.

I was keen to visit all the countries to which Indians had gone in the year 1974.
I visited Mauritius, South Aftrica, East Africa, Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Surinam in one trip. Unfortunately I did not know of the presence of Indians in Guadeloupe, otherwise I would have visited.

I also attended a lot of Indian diaspora meetings worldwide and India many times and did not meet any representative from Guadeloupe.

I request that leaders should contact other Indian diaspora leaders and make the long lost contact.

I propose that an International meeting of the delegates from all the countries to which Indian Indentured Labourers had gone be organised. The present Prawasia Bharatiya Diwas organised by the Government of India is too focus on the NRIs of the developed countries.

Congratulations again for monument.

Dijendra Singh,
Fiji Girmit Council.
P.O.BOX 99,

Great to see the page and the photos. This reminds that the Indians carry the human values, love and affection where ever they go. It is difficult to describe your sacrifice. We pray the Lord Almighty. We send our wishes to you.

Mill Sivaramaiah Foundation.
www.milsiva.org www.yogelements.com

It was a complete surprise to me to read in HPI that 42,000 East Indians were taken to Guadeloupe as indentured sugar plantation workers. Unfortunately, many perished. Those who remained must be considered heroic. It is very good that there is now a monument to commemorate the Indians' arrival in Guadeloupe. Congratulations!

My parents were similarly taken to Guyana in 1910 as indentured labourers to work in the sugarcane fields. They also suffered under the system. I now live in Canada.

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